How to Be a Project Superhero

Posted by BusinessForward Team on July 28th, 2016

By: Amy Dubin, Project Director, BusinessForward

The overall theme that emerged in the BusinessForward-Pittsburgh Technology Council 2016 Regional CIO Survey is one of transformation. A tall order, transformation. Do CIOs need to be superheroes to achieve it?

Driving Change

IT Leaders are clearly thinking about how to migrate to a focus on innovation by investing in the right tools and embracing new ways of thinking. They are aware that the role of technology now permeates everything the company says, does, and thinks. It is within this context that our region’s IT Leaders have realized that they must drive changes in how their organizations focus, invest, communicate, hire and structure their teams.

The Survey Summary Results note a key finding: “CIOs are increasingly collaborating across the business to ensure they have that seat at the table. We gained insight to the increasing pressure on CIOs to play multiple roles. The majority of respondents (59 percent) answered they are asked to play innovator, strategist, service provider and advisor all at the same time.”

With that as a backdrop, it is abundantly clear that the Five Critical Skills of a Project Leader that I wrote about in June are as important for a CIO to possess as they are for the individual project leaders on their teams. Now that you’re in the C-Suite and being asked to serve so many roles, you find yourself needing to lead the senior team as well as the individual project teams working for you. After all, the CIO is the ultimate project leader. But you have the power to avoid chaos if the right skills are at the ready.

Let’s explore some of the key skills and how a CIO must use them to be successful and drive the business. ProjectLeadershipBlog_Table

It is understandable why today’s CIOs, in their multi-faceted roles, are feeling increasing pressure and being pulled in so many directions. Given that each senior team member has projects to be funded, listening, communicating and arriving at decisions together that best serve the company is a key function of the CIO.

CIOs might not wear capes to work, but when they have the necessary skills to implement the technology strategy that supports the business goals, they certainly can save the day.

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