Our Expertise

BusinessForward recognizes that there is a need to improve the way in which shared service organizations deliver support to their customers. We have built a practice focused on creating a better structure around service delivery. Our focus is to improve effectiveness, efficiency and consistency as well as creating an excellent customer experience. While our practice is deeply rooted in ITSM and ITIL foundations, we work to transform shared service functions such as HR, Finance, the PMO and Facilities by leveraging the vast knowledge and experience of our team members. It is that deep domain expertise that enables us to understand where to focus and drive the most value.

Why BusinessForward

Information Technology – We have spent the last 12 years transforming IT organizations by focusing on the processes and organizations as well as the technology. We are ITIL certified while focusing on "Right-Fit” solutions for our customers.

Human Resources – We are HR practitioners. We speak the language and understand the challenges. We work hand in hand with our sister Human Capital Management practice at BusinessForward and leverage their expertise of the entire employee lifecycle.

Project Management Office – Whether you are standing up a PMO or transforming your existing PMO, we can help. Leveraging our expertise ensures you are working on the right projects at the right time to drive business results. We have implemented many of the industry’s leading PPM tools and understand what it takes to make the office successful.

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In today’s world, the right investment in technology has an unprecedented opportunity to drive better business outcomes. Let us deliver smart solutions to your technology challenges and together drive your business forward.